Eco fashion is a buzz term that mainstream “fast fashion” clothing manufacturers have come to despise, because for them it means losing customers, and therefore losing money.

But let’s take a look at the what the eco fashion movement really stands for, and how we as individuals who wear clothing can become part of the solution and stop being all of the problems.

Most people have no idea what goes into manufacturing a single item of clothing and would be shocked to learn that discarded clothing is the second largest polluter – right after oil – on this planet.

Eco Fashion GuideBut once you know the truth, continuing to buy on-trend clothing and discarding it after just one or two wears is akin to being willing to jump off a cliff as long as you’re wearing the latest style and looking hot.

This is where you and I come in. We can make a difference.

We can make better choices as to how and where to find clothing that makes us feel beautiful and unique as well as comfortable, knowing that we are not contributing to the environmental nightmare created by the “fast fashion” industry.

Eco Fashion Guide is the result of my intensive search for decent, caring clothing manufacturers committed to the guardianship of this planet we share. They are brands who are taking radical responsibility for how they produce the garments that lay next to your skin every day.

And boy, sustainable clothing is CUTE. (Hey – nobody said you couldn’t be stylish AND responsible!)

Please take a few moments to discover wonderful eco fashion brands like Everlane, Beklina, Amourvert and many more.

Thank you for being here. It means you care too. And that – literally – means the world to me.

Mandy Wildman

Founder, Fashion Reform Advocate