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27 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

If you’re 5’4 or under, then you know the struggle is real sometimes when it comes to fashion: You’re more than likely all-too familiar with the unique fashion challenges that come with being petite. Take, for example, this scenario: You’re trying on an endless selection of clothes you’re truly excited about, but then you look at the mirror in the dressing room, and you suddently feel like a kid playing dress up in your mom’s closet. It’s frustrating, and it can truly suck the fun out of shopping—but luckily there’s a growing crop of petite fashion bloggers who specialize in showcasing amazing outfits that suit smaller frames.

Apart from killer outfit inspo, our favorite petite fashion bloggers also offer lots of useful fashion tips and tricks that include how to lengthen legs, why high-waisted skirts are a short girl’s BFF, and how to pick types of footwear that can help elongate your frame.

We’ve gathered 27 fashion bloggers who are total experts in petite fashion.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2014.

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Pin It

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26 Petite Fashion Bloggers to Follow for Major Outfit Inspiration | @stylecaster

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Sunita V

Blog: Sunita V

One scroll through the Sunita V fashion blog, and one thing is very clear: Sunita loves embracing color and wild prints. We’re here for it.

Photo: Sunita V

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Fashion Me Now

Blog: Fashion Me Now

This blog is run by West London-based Lucy Williams, and gives off serious fashion vibes. Lucy loves to mix high-end designer pieces that she scooped up at the likes of Net-a-Porter and the Outnet, with lower-priced items from sites like Free People and ASOS.

Photo: Fashion Me Now

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Wendy's Lookbook

Blog: Wendy’s Lookbook

With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, you can be assured that Wendy Nguyen—who’s just under 5 feet tall—knows her stuff. A pro at helping readers with similar body types create chic and flattering outfits, Nguyen’s also a University of California, Berkeley grad with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Apart from her blog, Nguyen also has a YouTube channel where she teaches you everything from how to walk in heels to four ways to wear a certain dress.

Photo: Wendy’s Lookbook

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Walk in Wonderland

Blog: Walk in Wonderland

Sheryl Luke is the fashion blogger behind Walk in Wonderland. She started the blog in 2010 and was lucky enough to man it full-time in 2013. Luke’s dream was to have the biggest walk-in closet of all time where she could have the chance to feel like Alice wandering in Wonderland and this is where she came up with the idea to name her blog Walk in Wonderland. Luke is always exploring different styles, but is always drawn to edgy, chic, and grungy outfits. Luke’s blog has been featured in Vanity Fair, Grazia, and New York Magazine to name a few.

Photo: Walk in Wonderland

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | The Hanh Solo

Blog: The Hanh Solo

Hanh is the voice behind this inspiring blog, and her outfits are high-style, modern, and very chic. She’s been featured in many publications and on many websites, including Abercrombie & Fitch, The New York Times and Lucky magazine.

Photo: The Hanh Solo

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Retro Flame

Blog: Retro Flame

Erika Fox is one of Ireland’s leading bloggers, and her fashion sense—at once girly, elegant, and quirky—is pretty impeccable. Not only does the flame-haired blogger dress well, but she’s got some serious fashion cred: She’s spent the last two summers in New York City working with a stylist from The New York Times, and her blog has been featured in Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and Refinery 29.

Photo: Retro Flame

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Love Fashion Live Life

Blog: Love Fashion Live Life

From high-waisted skirts to skyscraper heels, Joann Doan knows how to dress for her petite frame. For each outfit post, she has a section labeled “Fashion Tip” where she’ll give a great tip that coordinates with her outfit and can be used for girls of any height. Fun fact: She’s also a black belt in aikido, Japanese self-defense. How cool!

Photo: Love Fashion Live Life

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Sunkissed Steph

Blog: Sunkissed Steph

Steph, 5’1″, graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in communication and a minor in textiles and clothing. Currently, she lives and works in the Bay Area, and posts photos of her minimalist, urban style.

Photo: Sunkissed Steph

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Nadia Aboulhosn

Blog: Nadia Aboulhosn

This blogger, model, and designer is originally from Florida but located in Los Angeles. She began her blog in 2010 as an outlet for self expression and has been featured in publications such as Complex, Teen Vogue, LOOK, and Vogue Italia.

Photo: Nadia Aboulhosn

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | CuriouserLia

Blog: CuriouserLia

Lia has been blogging since high school when she first started by posting photos of her original outfits on MySpace. After discovering Tumblr, she started posting “Outfit of the Day” posts there, and that’s when her blog took off. If you love bohemian and tomboy style, you’ll totally fall in love with Lia’s blog.

Photo: CuriouserLia

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Hallie Daily

Blog: Hallie Daily

Hallie Swanson runs the bi-language blog Hallie Daily and not only gives her global readers tips about what to wear everyday, but also shows them where and what to shop for to coincide with the current trends. On top of being a blogger, she is also a full-time wife, so she’ll share tons of tips for her fellow moms. Hallie used to work as a TV sport reporter in China, then she worked as a Chinese Government Travel Agent, and now blogs in her spare time. Talk about a career change!

Photo: Hallie Daily

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers |

Blog: Hello Framboise

Meet Tam, a lawyer and fashion blogger from Hello, Framboise. At 4 feet 11 inches, Tam will take you through her life on her blog from events like her wedding (which was in Paris!) to her everyday life.

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Good, Bad, and Fab

Blog: Good, Bad, and Fab

Jenny Wu is a lawyer by day and seasoned fashion blogger by night. She was born in Shanghai and raised in L.A, and her style is definitely indicative of cool-girl city living. She’s worked with a number of brands, including Gap, Sole Society, ShopBop and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Blog: Good, Bad, and Fab

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Sydne Style

Blog: Sydne Style

Sydne Summer breaks down runway trends and fills you in on celebrity style. This blogger is a double threat, as she also is a television personality on stations such as E! and CBS when she’s not blogging. At 5’3″, Sydne’s been featured in publications such as People StyleWatchElle and The Everygirl.

Photo: Sydne Style

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Lace & Locks

Blog: Lace & Locks

Southern California girl Kim Le checks in at five-feet-tall and is used to being both behind and in front of the camera: When she’s not blogging, she’s running her two photography businesses. Kim also spends her spare time working on her online boutique, Morning Lavender, where she sells adorable, affordable clothing.

Photo: Lace & Locks

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Lust for Life

Blog: Lust for Life

Olivia Lopez, who started Lust for Life when she was only 14-years old, is a Southern Californian who loves to travel. On her blog, you’ll find plenty of photos from her travel across the world and her personal outfit posts.

Photo: Lust for Life

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Extra Petite

Blog: Extra Petite

Meet Jean, a Boston-based blogger, who is just under five-feet. When she’s not blogging, she works full-time in financial services. Whether you’re looking for petite outfit inspiration, resources on where to buy petite clothing, or some DIY projects that are perfect for the petite woman, Jean will come to your rescue.

Photo: Extra Petite

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Honey & Silk

Blog: Honey & Silk

Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth is an Orange County-based petite fashion blogger who has called Cali her home for over a decade.

Photo: Honey & Silk

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Stylish Petite

Blog: Stylish Petite

Annie started her blog, Stylish Petite, back in 2010 as a way to de-stress, and primarily showcases her girly style and how it suits her five-foot frame.

Photo: Stylish Petite

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | The Chloe Conspiracy

Blog: The Chloe Conspiracy

This Colorado-based petite fashion blogger says she’s “5’2″ on a good day.” Chloe’s mission is to prove that anyone can have fun with fashion “no matter what your height, no matter what your age, and no matter where you live,” and we love her philosophy. We also love that she helps readers dress for their height and get some great deals while they’re at it.

Photo: The Chloe Conspiracy

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Petite Brown Sugar

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Cute & Little

Blog: Cute & Little

Kileen’s blog, Cute & Little, is primarily a personal style blog that showcases how she chooses to dress her petite, 5′ frame.

Photo: Cute & Little

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | View From 5'2"

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | I Am Khatu

Blog: I Am Khatu

Khatu was born in Vietnam, raised in Buffalo, NY, and currently calls Boston, MA her home. Khatu uses her blog as a creative outlet, a style diary, and a showcase for her sewing projects and design work.

Photo: I Am Khatu

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Kryz Uy

Blog: Kryz Uy

Kryz resides in Cebu City and is currently ranked among the top bloggers in the Philippines.

Photo: Kryz Uy

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Alterations Needed

Blog: Alterations Needed

Kelly stands at 4 feet 11 inches, and started her blog after numerous frustrating shopping trips where she left empty handed because she couldn’t find anything to flatter her petite frame. This L.A. girl has always been a tomboy with a deep passion for menswear, and she incorporates that into her outfit posts.

Photo: Alterations Needed

STYLECASTER | Petite Fashion Bloggers | Her Waise Choice

Blog: Her Waise Choice

Jen Tam launched Her Waise Choice in early 2010. The blog was born out of a love for styling, fashion, and photography. Jen, the author behind the blog, aims to inspire the everyday woman with approachable outfit ideas and high-quality imagery. She even has a YouTube channel where she gives her readers another way to view her fashion inspiration and tips.

Photo: Her Waise Choice

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