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43 Summer Concert Outfit Ideas for Inspiration

One of the best things about summer? Live music! Wait, better yet: Live music—outdoors!

Whether you’re headed to a weekend-long festival, an outdoor show, or to see your favorite musician during a big international tour, it’s a given that you’ll want to look cool while still remaining comfortable and practical. With that in mind, summer concert outfit ideas are in order.

First, let’s talk about footwear: Summer concerts—especially outdoor shows—call for trading in the stilettos for a cute pair of flats, sneakers, ankle booties, or sandals. After all, you’ll be standing up for hours (and likely dancing), so why even give your feet the option to ache?

Next: layering. Because temperatures at outdoor concerts and festivals range from humid and hot to downright chilly, and indoor arenas can get crazy-sweaty, we recommend throwing on a few layers to get you through the day. Bonus points if your jacket or sweatshirt can be tied around your waist—because, yes, this is still a trend.

And as for bags? Keep things hangs-free, and opt for a backpack (on the smaller end because you don’t want to upset concert-goers who might get smacked around with it as you dance your heart out) or a small cross-body bag. Trust us: The less stuff you lug, the more fun you’ll have.

We’ve rounded up 43 foolproof street-style outfits from which to glean inspiration.

A version of this article was originally published in July 2014.

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