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5 new and under-the-radar Austin boutiques to shop right now

In a city like Austin, where individuality is encouraged and the rules are often broken, local shops offer the opportunity to embrace the unconventional and develop a unique aesthetic. Discovering shops off the beaten path is the key to refreshing any wardrobe, and these five under-the-radar boutiques are the perfect place to find that perfect outfit. 

Fail Collective and EA/ST

Originally created as a place for makers to foster community, this east side hot spot is a hybrid shopping experience like no other. While EA/ST Co. is a collective, brimming with locally made skincare, beauty, home, and fashion wares, the shared space is also home to rising jewelry brand Fail Collective. Since both businesses opened their doors in 2017, the destination has evolved into a joint showroom showcasing a diverse collection of handmade, thoughtfully designed pieces ranging from pottery to cosmetics. 

Kindred Spirits
Inspired by its beloved sister shop, Take Heart, Kindred Spirits is a new East Austin destination for clothing and accessories. Located on East 11th Street, shoppers can expect to find a collection of expertly curated, artisan-made pieces. Shop home goods, self-care essentials, and apparel at a store that goes beyond the typical boutique experience. 

Miranda Bennett Studio
Austin native and designer Miranda Bennett offers ethically made, minimalist clothing at her East Austin flagship, which opened in November 2018. By blending her fashion and design knowledge with a passion for ethical manufacturing, Bennett’s eponymous studio offers pieces that are both stylish and sustainable. In addition to the shop’s signature apparel and home collection, Miranda Bennett Studio also carries an assortment of premium apothecary and accessories that have all been vetted by the boss herself.     

Passport Vintage
Originally an Etsy shop, Passport Vintage’s brick-and-mortar on South First is brimming with treasures waiting to be discovered. As the name suggests, Passport Vintage specializes in pieces ranging from past, particularly the ‘60s through the ‘90s. But unlike other vintage boutiques, Passport stylists won’t shy away from modifying vintage pieces to better fit modern-day buyers, and the shop even specializes in resurrecting denim. An ever-evolving inventory guarantees shoppers find something special with every visit. 


Iconic women’s brand Reformation brings its signature feminine silhouettes and workable wardrobe staples to South Congress when it opens this winter — the brand’s first-ever Austin location. For more than a decade, the label has helped shape the sustainable fashion industry through intentional designs and high-quality materials. Each Reformation garment is tailored with bespoke-like accuracy and pieces are available in a wide range of sizes to ensure comfort and confidence with every wear.

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