Hi. I’m Mandy Wildman and I am a long-time wearer and feisty advocate of eco-friendly fashion.

We wear clothing literally every day, but until recently very few of us have taken much time to consider how our clothing is made, and what kind of impact the manufacturing of wearables – including fabrics, shoes, belts, purses and jewelry – is having on our environment.

When I first started shopping for my own clothing at around the age of 17, The London fashion scene was too rich for my blood, so my go-to place to shop for clothing was the local thrift shop.

My mother had taught me to sew at a young age, and I knew I could cut, chop and re-fashion discarded clothing and transform it into unique, personalized, wearable art.

My passion for eco-friendly fashion has continued throughout my life, and I rarely purchase retail clothing unless I knew how and where it was made.

The Eco Fashion Guide is my gift to you. Happy sustainable shopping!

Mandy Wildman