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CARIUMA’s Bamboo Sneakers Just Launched & It’s 100% Carbon Neutral

In an era of fashion where sustainability has become one of the biggest issues to tackle, it’s impossible not to think about the effects your clothes have on the environment. Brands of all sizes — independent designers, fast fashion labels, and luxury houses — are taking conscious steps to create more ethical practices within their companies, bringing sustainable fashion closer to becoming the norm. Of course, with all of these buzzwords filling the air in the industry, it’s understandable if shopping for the right pieces is a little overwhelming. Luckily for anyone who wants a more sustainable wardrobe, CARIUMA’s bamboo sneaker is the perfect place to start.

If you haven’t had the chance to familiarize yourself with CARIUMA, it’s time to get acquainted. The Brazilian direct-to-consumer sneaker brand set out to create classic and thoughtfully designed shoes using natural premium materials like canvas, rubber, leather, and now, bamboo.

CARIUMA’s $98 IBI sneaker takes sustainable fashion to the next level. By using fibers made from bamboo — a plant that self-regenerates from its roots — this new style is 100 percent carbon neutral and creates zero water waste. And just in case that wasn’t enough for you, a portion of the IBI’s bamboo knit also includes fibers recycled from plastic water bottles. Plus, the material is temperature regulating, which means you can wear it in any type of weather.

Courtesy of CARIUMA

Courtesy of CARIUMA

Courtesy of CARIUMA

“We used bamboo knit as our main material because it rapidly self-regenerates from the stalk, so that tree and soil remain intact,” the founders of CARIUMA, Fernando Porto and David Python, said in a statement. “We chose to produce IBI this way because it’s the lowest waste generating process out there.” In addition to the new bamboo knit material, the brand’s latest style also features a lightweight sole made from sugarcane, which reduces the company’s amount of carbon emissions.

With its classic silhouette — and of course, its sustainability factor — the IBI will quickly become your go-to option for an everyday pair of sneakers. Available in eight colors ranging from classic neutrals to bright yellow and pastel pink, there’s no question that this shoe will go seamlessly with all of your casual ensembles.

If you’re ready to add a new sustainable piece into your closet, scroll down to shop CARIUMA’s IBI sneaker below.

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