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Google App Allows Users to Shop with Phone Camera

Raise your hand if you’ve ever walked down the street and saw someone wearing something that you needed in your closet immediately. Well, thanks to Google, shopping a stranger’s outfit became a whole lot easier. Meet Google Style Match, a recently launched app that allows users to shop a stranger’s (or a friend’s) outfit by simply pointing their camera at it.

Here’s how it works: After identifying a piece of clothing that they want, customers can point their camera at it. Then, using real-time image-recognition technology, the app will pull up the exact item online—or a piece of clothing similar to it—for purchase on Google Shopping. Fashion not your thing? The app also works for home decor, so you can shop those cute knickknacks you’ve always wanted at your favorite cafe.

However, there’s a catch. Unfortunately, iPhone users will have to wait to participate in the fun. Currently, Style Match, which is a feature of Google’s latest app Google Lens, is only available on Android phones and Google Assistant.

And though there are a few apps that offer similar results (Asos Style Match, Pinterest Lens—to name a few), Google Lens definitely looks promising, and sounds so good that we’re almost tempted to switch to the Android. (Almost.)

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